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£1,200 Borrow
*0.34% Interest
49.7% APR

*Interest per day for up to 75 days (124% per annum, variable)

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Introducing Tappily

Tappily is our sister brand. They are a little newer but still offer the revolving line of credit that we are known for. Their credit limits can go up to £2500 and are available to borrow as and when needed (subject to affordability checks).

Once approved, money can be transferred into your bank account within 15 minutes.

A Tappily credit facility can help prevent you from incurring unauthorised overdraft fees by transferring money into your account, up to an agreed credit limit, when you are about to go overdrawn.

Tappily is suitable for meeting short term borrowing needs as they arise. It is an ongoing facility so can be used much like a credit card if customers find themselves short of cash. It is free to set up and there are no fees when you aren’t borrowing from your account.

For free independent money advice, see moneyadviceservice.org.uk

Tappily offers a revolving line of credit with straightforward repayment terms.


You can apply for a Tappily credit facility if you:

  • Are a UK resident aged 18 or over
  • Have a salary or other regular income
  • Have a current account with Internet Banking
  • Are not already a SafetyNet Credit customer

The Benefits of Tappily

  • A credit limit of up to £2,500. Accounts are reviewed every 2 weeks when you can receive credit limit increases. No obligation to accept
  • Tappily will charge 34p per day per £100.
  • Interest is capped. For each credit instalment there is the added comfort of knowing that the maximum total cost of credit is fixed to the interest on 75 days borrowing. This means for each £100 credit instalment, the maximum amount of interest charged would be £25.50. This way, costs cannot spiral out of control in the event of you finding yourself in unexpected financial difficulties.
  • Never any unexpected charges: Tappily is completely free to set up, you only pay for what you borrow, when you borrow.
  • Automatic Borrowing to protect against unauthorised overdraft fees.
  • Automatic Repayments - when we see you can afford them.
  • Repayment Caps: Tappily allows you to limit the amount of money taken by automatic repayments (subject to minimum repayments), each time you receive money in your bank account, assisting you with managing your finances and giving you more flexibility with your money.

Money management Dashboard

All customers get a dashboard showing their Spending Breakdown; the categories of a customer’s spending habits over the past 30 days. You can click a category to see sub-categories, or drill down further to see individual transactions.

Your account stats show spending habits and where the set protection level kicks in.

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